Cardiovascular Testing


Why get your blood tested? Your doctor wants to assess and minimize your risks of premature death. Cardiovascular diseases are five of the top ten causes of death in North America. Testing cholesterol used to be the main way we assessed the risk. However 50% of people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol. We know now that to accurately assess your risks for cardiovascular disease we must look at inflammation, blood sugar, genetics, diet, weight, BP, lipid profiles, and more.

Dr. Tanya Escobedo works closely with Boston Heart to accurately evaluate your risks for cardiovascular disease. We can discover the best treatment plan for your cardiovascular health. Will you respond to statins, fish oil, increasing fiber, niacin or other types of treatments? These labs tests not only have a high sensitivity for early detection but help us to find the treatment plan that will work best for you!

Go beyond standard lipid testing. See this information on CVD Diagnostics.