Weight Loss Programs

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Step 1

Discover your barriers to losing weight. What’s holding you back from your optimal weight?

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Utilizing questionnaires, targeted laboratory testing & one-on-one consultations with Dr.Escobedo we will discover what your barriers are. 

There is a reason you struggle to maintain your healthy shape. We will find out why, and work together to address it.

  • Discover the right type of food & exercise program for your body, lifestyle & health!
  • Discover genetic barriers & apply tools to help you overcome them
  • Identify if your gut is holding you back. Optimize your microbiome & gut health, your digestion is foundational to good health & a healthy shape.
  • Identify if your working against your hormones. Balanced hormones accelerate weight loss, improves energy & get you back to your youth. 
  • Discover if stress is working against you! Feeling overwhelmed, trouble sleeping, or working out and still not losing weight?
  • Discover if your mental emotional health is holding you back. Having healthy neurotransmitter helps reduce cravings, increase motivation & feel happy.
  • Discover if your metabolism is slow & what you can do to optimize it. A healthy metabolism allows you to burn fat & lose weight easily.  
  • Discover if your experiencing inflammation. Cooling off inflammation helps to lose water weight, optimizes health & prevents disease. 

Step 2

We choose the right fit for you! Pick the shape up program for you based on your barriers & fitness goals.

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  •  Transition Program: For those who gain weight after pregnancy, as they go through menopause, and men who hit mid-life and gain weight around the mid-section.
  •   Lean Out Program: already pretty fit, exercise regularly, eat healthy, but can’t seem to burn that last bit of belly and are ready to get lean.
  •  Simply Lose It: if we find your overall pretty healthy with no major barriers to losing weight, and just need to shape up.
  •  Happy Fit Program: For those who’s biggest challenge is stress eating, carb cravings, late night snacking, may have a tendency to depression, low mood, anxiety, or high stress.
  •  Metabolizer Program: for those who have slow metabolisms, you look at that carb and gain weight, exercise, eat well, but just can’t lose it! You may also find your body temperature is below 98.0F.
  •  Healthy Hormones Program: for those who’s hormone imbalances are keeping you from losing weight.
  •  Gut Reset Program: for those who have digestive complaints, we discover food sensitivities, or are eating the wrong types of foods causing inflammation and keeping you from a health weight.

Step 3

We use the most effective, doctor supervised, 30 day program to help you drop the weight & reset your body. In 30 days you can lose 20-30lbs, the more you have to lose the more you lose.

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Step 4

Bring it all together, we establish a plan to keep the weight off long term. 

  • Design lifestyle plan to keep you fit & healthy. 
  • Use your genetics to guide your ideal diet & exercise program.  Research shows people who follow a genetic designed program lose more weight.
  • Address  barriers to help you maintain long term health & a healthy shape.
  • Plan Backup: incase you start to gain weight or are struggling to keep it off you will know what to do.


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I love food….so most of my life I have had a weight problem. I worked as a UPS driver for 25 years, and worked hard to keep the pounds off. Since I retired 10 years ago I have had a downhill battle with my weight. I gained a few pounds here and there, which lead to 10 pounds, until those few pounds added up to 40. The chart said I was obese, what an ugly word! I was in my sixties, overweight, unhealthy, and could not do much for exercise because my joints where painful from arthritis and all the extra weight I was carrying around. Help! I needed a miracle or maybe just the right doctor, a miracle wasn’t in my future. But Dr. Tanya Escobedo was, a loving, caring, young doctor with the answers to my problems. A new diet program, support system, and lots of encouragement. Believe me I worked hard to lose those 30lbs, but I could not have done it without Dr. Tanya! Now I look like a new me, I feel good, I look good, and am so happy. I am learning how to eat new foods that are healthier for me. The types of foods that are good for my body instead of foods that just add fat to my new skinny body that I LOVE! I know now for me 60 is the new 40! Hooray for me!