Digestive Health


When you think of your digestive tract you probably think of all the tubes that move food from your mouth to the toilet. Your liver, gallbladder, and pancreas all play important roles in production, and storage of digestive enzymes, bile, and elimination of toxins from your blood into your stool. Did you ever consider your skin a part of your digestive tract?

Your digestive tract is just an extension of your skin, a barrier between the outside world and your delicate insides.  Your digestive tract sanitizes and selectively absorbs nutrients from your food. A large amount of your immune system is in your digestive tract interacting with millions of bacteria.  Not only does your digestion absorb all the nutrients that become the building blocks for everything in the human body, but it stores a large amount of serotonin! Serotonin is your happy hormone. As you can see having a healthy digestive tract is central to having healthy skin, immune system, a balance mood, and a healthy body.

Common Symptoms & Conditions Related To An Unhealthy Digestion

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Healing the Gut – Three Steps To Healthy Digestion

  1. Remove: remove underlying inflammatory factors
    1. Problem foods
    2. Parasitic infection
    3. Candida overgrowth
    4. Stress and disordered eating habits
    5. Drugs/medications
  2. Heal the gut lining
    1. Anti-oxidants
    2. Soothing herbs (Aloe vera)
    3. Healing nutrients (Glutamine)
  3. Restore:
    1. Healthy stomach acid levels (Apple cider vinegar)
    2. Healthy flora (Probiotics)
    3. Digestive enzymes/bile production

Underlying Causes

Dr.Escobedo has lots of success identifying the underlying cause of digestive complaints using specialties testing such as:

  • Food sensitivities testing: discover exactly what foods are causing inflammation in your digestive tract.
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis: this test allows us uncover exactly what your flora is doing; good bacteria, commensal bacteria, parasitic infections or yeast overgrowth. And how well you are digesting your food.
  • Specialty testing along with an in depth history of your condition allows us to get your digestion back to health quickly and effectively.

If you suspect your digestion need improvement book your free 15 minute phone consult with Dr. Escobedo today!