Struggling to lose weight? May be your thyroid! Find out now.

Have you tried other weight loss programs & have had a hard time losing weight? Do you eat healthy, exercise & still struggle to maintain a healthy weight? Your thyroid may be slowing you down.

This is one of the most commonly overlooked, under diagnosed hormone imbalances, doctors often only testing your TSH & using huge ranges miss patients with low thyroid. Your thyroid hormone liothyronine (T3) activates your metabolism. Without enough thyroid hormone your metabolism will be slow & losing weight a slow & painful process.

Clues your thyroid is slowing you down:

  • Puffy eyes
  • Colds hands and feet
  • Sugar/Carb cravings
  • Dry skin & hair
  • Hair loss
  • Low libido
  • Low Body Temperature (<98.0F after you get out of bed)
  • You have a low caloric intake & can’t lose weight
  • You exercise regularly & struggle to get the weight off if at all
  • Constipation
  • Feel sluggish
  • Brain Fog

If you think your thyroid is slowing you down & want to find out Dr. Escobedo can help.

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Dr. Tanya Escobedo is a Naturopathic doctor who is passionate about empowering her patients through education and support on their path to health and healing. She strives to connect and understand her patients while pursuing their health goals through high quality sustainable health care.

Dr. Escobedo is excited to share her knowledge and positive energy with her patients. She feels honoured to start a journey of health and healing with you.650-271-9453

GeOMetric Shape Program

In just 8 weeks Dr. Escobedo will help you drop 15-30lbs, identify & address any barriers you have to losing & maintaining a healthy shape.

This Shape Up program is more then just a weight loss program, we will use four key steps to help you get on track:

Utilizing questionnaires, targeted laboratory testing & one-on-one consultations with Dr.Escobedo we will discover what your barriers are and if your thyroid is one of them.

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We find the right fit for you. Qualifying you for the one of the Shape Up Programs that best fits your barriers & fitness goals. If menopause slowing you down, we focus on restoring & re-balancing your thyroid to optimize your result.

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We use the most effective, doctor supervised, 30 day program to help you drop the weight & reset your body. In 30 days you can lose 15-30lbs, the more you have to lose the more you lose.

Lastly we bring it all together, looking at your barriers to losing weight, your diet and lifestyle, we pull it all together to create a long term plan to help you keep the weight off & stay fit for good.

Dr. Escobedo has helped hundreds of her patients lose weight successfully, as a Naturopathic doctor she take a very holistic approach. She is an expert at balancing hormones & has lots of success helping her patients balance their hormones, restore their energy, sleep, boost vitality and feel great again! She will empower you with knowledge and support so you can take the best care of yourself, and reach optimal health for years to come.

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