Avoiding Getting Sick this Cold & Flue Season

Do you want to avoid getting sick this cold and flue season? Here are 10 steps you can take to avoid getting sick. Natural remedies, home remedies, and tips to prevent getting sick this year.

5 preventative steps:

These are good to do over the cold and flue season to keep your immune health up and prevent getting sick.

  1. Increase Vitamin C intake, a daily dose of 500-2000mg.
  2. Keep sugar intake down, sugar compromises immune function.
  3. Take your vitamin D depending on your vitamin D levels 5000IU to 10,000IUs daily, ask your doctor.
  4. Get your 8 hours of shut eye, lack of sleep weakens your immune system.
  5. Enjoy ginger, garlic, onions & bone broth in soups or tea.

At first signs of getting:

When you have that tickle in your throat, feeling a bit under the weather, or that sick co-worker looks in your direction, this is the time to act! Don’t wait until your knocked on your a$$ to start these powerful natural therapies. Although, if you do miss the window, these tips help to shorten the duration of misery. And the great thing is they work for bacteria and viruses that cause the cold or flue.

  1. Echinacea tincture or herbal blend
  2. Vitamin A 100,000IU
  3. Vitamin D 50,000IU every other day for 7 days
  4. Zinc – if it’s a sore throat 15mg as lozenges, otherwise oral 30mg
  5. Dress warm, pile up the blankets, sweat- infrared sauna

Some good products to have on had at home include Wellness Formula by Source Naturals (found at Wholefoods and other healthfoods stores) or EHB by Integrative Therapeutics, chewable vitamin C and zinc lozenges. And for kids some Elderberry syrup.

Not all of these remedies are suitable for all people, you should always consult your Naturopathic doctor before taking them, especially if your trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or breast feeding.