Telemedicine: What is it & why it’s worth a try

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Telemedicine is a video consult with your doctor on a HIPPA compliant platform. Dr. Escobedo uses because it’s simple and easy. She can see anyone anywhere in California, including the busy Bay Area, Sacramento, Redding, Oakland, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, San Francisco, Marin, San Rafael and more. 


Why it’s Worth a Try

  1. Accessible: no traffic, no travel costs of gas, parking, parking tickets!  Your meetings are on your computer, tablet, or phone from home or work. Dr. Escobedo can see anyone in the state of California.  Great for rural communities with limited access to doctors.
  2. No need to take time off work: it’s easy to schedule a visit during a break or on your lunch hour. The call can be taken from a conference room or anywhere that offers sufficient privacy. 
  3. Easier for those caring for children and elderly: less time away, and being at home eliminates the expense of finding alternative care.  
  4. Avoid waiting rooms: less exposure to other sick people in waiting rooms, no need to sit around and wait at all. Your doctor is at the click of a button. 
  5. Better options: you’re no longer limited to the doctors in your local area, find the right match for your health and get the best quality care. Great for rural communities and traffic dense areas. 
  6. Cost effective: Save money and time by avoiding travel time, taking time off work, and paying for childcare. 
  7. On-Demand Options: find your labs, treatment protocols, lab orders and refill request all at the tips of your fingers in your patient portal. Easily ask for refills, email the doctor, view your labs, recipes, treatment programs and book appointments any time, any where.
  8. Less Stress: you don’t have to worry about being late from traffic, transit delays, getting lost or lack of parking availability. In two clicks your signed in and ready to go. Easily message the doctor if your running behind. 

How it Works

  1. After booking your appointment you receive an email with all the instructions you need to access your appointment online. You follow the link, sign in, and Dr. Escobedo starts the appointment when she sees you pop into the virtual waiting room. 
  2. Dr. Escobedo often reviews labs, prescribes supplements, and offers handouts during her consults. You can view all your lab results, treatment protocols and documents in the patient portal during the call. 
  3. When Dr. Escobedo orders labs for you, we utilize saliva, urine and blood testing, our testing is complex but we make it simple for you!
    • Take the test at home:  urine and salivary test kits are mailed directly to you for home collection. The kit includes complete instructions & has a pre-paid label for easy return via mail. It’s as simple as – collect and ship. 
    • Blood Draws: we add all the paperwork to your patient portal for you to download and take into LabCorp or Quest or give to the mobile phlebotomist.  You can have a blood draw specialists come to your work or home to draw your blood at your convenience.
    • Dr. Escobedo will contact you once she receives all your results to review them together. 
  1. Any physical exams that need to be performed will be referred out to your general physician. 
  2. Not tech savoy? Don’t worry we have excellent tech support that will walk you through each step. 
  3. You will need a mobile phone, iPad, or computer with a video and microphone (most are build in, and work great). If not, it all good, we can always do an old fashion phone consult!

Want to give it a try: book your free 15 minute video consult with Dr. Escobedo here.